5" Concrete Edge Polishing Pad

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Our five step concrete edge polishing pad is the perfect tool for dry polishing of edges on your next polished concrete floor project. We have conveniently numbered these pads 1-5 for ease of use. They range from coarse (1) to high gloss (5).

Please note: This tool is manufactured to order, there may be a delay of approximately 3 weeks if we do not have stock available.

We recommend fitting these 5" pads to a rigid velcro backer and because they are incredibly productive please use a vacuum dust extraction system. Their 5mm thickness ensures plenty of life on correctly processed concrete floor edges.

Please do not confuse our premium diamond products with cheaper alternatives; you get what you pay for.

  • Size: 5" 125mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Speed: <2500 rpm
  • Use: Dry
  • Fitting: Velcro

PROtip: Always use these pads pushed flat into the surface otherwise you may get smiley faces.