Arrow Segment Metal Grinding Cup Wheel

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Our arrow segment coarse diamond abrasive metal grinding cup wheels offer awesome performance for the professional concrete polishing contractor looking to remove adhesives, bitmuen, paint and thin coatings without having to resort to using a PCD wheel.

Based around a 30/40 grit premium diamond abrasive, our arrow segment cup wheels cut through coatings and contaminants with ease. Perfect for edging floors and localised coating removal.

Please do not confuse our premium tools with cheaper alternatives!

Available in both 4" 100mm and 5" 125mm sizes on an M14 thread.

Please be warned our diamond tools really to do cut quickly; not to be confused with the limp affairs available at lower costs elsewhere.

  • Size: 4" 100mm, 5" 125mm, 7” 175mm
  • Thread: M14
  • RPM: 1500+
  • Use: Dry

Please note: This tool is manufactured to order, there may be a delay of approximately 2-3 weeks if we do not have stock available.

PROtip: Use light pressure and balance your hand grinder to prevent the cup wheel from removing too much stock. We would recommend keeping the tool pressed flat against the surface to prevent gouges and smiley faces.