CARRdiamond Quick Change Grinding Tool Adapter

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The CARRdiamond quick change adapters for metal concrete grinding tools are an awesome way to get the very best diamond abrasives from us and fit them directly to your machine.

If your machine has a proprietary fitting (HTC, Husqvarna, Lavina, Prepmaster, Terrco) then we can supply you with an adapter that fits on to your machine which allows it to accept our tools directly.

Please note: This tool is manufactured to order, there may be a delay of approximately 3 weeks if we do not have stock available.

Our tools simply clip over three sturdy metal pins and are held in place by the powerful magnetics on the adapter, the pins and the inherent weight from the machines. Safe, secure and convenient to change.

What if you have the old style bolt on trapezoids? They’re a real pain right? Slow to change and if you hit something immovable, damage is done to your machine. Well you can change all that by bolting on one of our adapters and you’ve transformed your machine into a quick change grinding head.

What if you hit a bolt, metal work or an immovable object? Well, most often or not the trapezoid fitted to the quick change adapter will come loose or maybe the holding pins maybe damaged. Better to have to reshoe the tools than repair a whole machine key/keyway. And a whole lot less expensive.