CARRcrete MicroFloor Fourth Coat Microcement | Beautiful Microcement Finish Coat

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MicroFloor Fourth Coat is a beautifully creamy microcement product that uses 50 micron quartz particles to provide a hard wearing, smooth and fine finish. The finish is similar to Marmarino plaster in ways. Tough and durable, yet creamy and smooth in application and after sanding.

CARRcrete MicroFloor Fourth Coat is a high strength quartz based layer, very often used as a finish coat for microcement floors where a smooth cloudy finish is required. Can also suitable as a base layer for microcement wall installations.

To give this microcement layer its additional strength we use premium 50 micron quartz grains. This size of grain allows MicroMedium to bed into the surface of either Second Coat or Third Coat with ease, smoothing out the previous surface very nicely.

It should be noted that MicroFloor Fourth Coat does start to produce a more cloudy finish that Third Coat. Fourth Coat resembles the make up of Marmarino plasters in many ways, but with more flow and easier to apply.

MicroFloor Fourth Coat can be applied in one to two coats over Second Coat Or Third Coat, it all depends on the look you are producing on your floor. All substrates should be rigid, stable, movement and deflection free. When fully sanded, the surface leaves a smooth surface with possibly a minute fine texture.

MicroFloor Fourth Coat should only be mixed with water as we have incorporated a lot of advanced ingredients which work synergistically with the powdered polymer.

Fourth Coat is a really nice product to apply, you can apply it directly on previous surfaces, either dry or fresh on fresh style, you can also prime the previous surface to reduce suction or to produce a slightly different finish.

If used as a finish coat, ensure the product is fully sealed with our recommended combination of MicroSeal products to offer the greatest levels of surface protection and abrasion resistance.

CARRcrete MicroFloor Second Coat is supplied in 20 Kg plastic bags.

Product Highlights

  • Awesome super advanced formula, simply mix with water
  • Uses high strength quartz; no calcium carbonate
  • High compressive strength
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Inherently hydrophobic
  • Off white colour until pigmented
  • Beautiful smooth application
  • Crack free and shrinkage free

Product Specifications

  • Colour: Off white
  • Can be coloured: Yes
  • Pot Life: 60 minutes
  • Recoat time: 2 Hours+
  • Sand After: 12 Hours
  • Water required: < 330 ml per Kg
  • Compressive Strength: C35+ @ 28 days
  • Coverage: < 3m2 per Kg
  • Package size: 20 Kg plastic bag