CARRcrete PROseal Penetrating Concrete Sealer

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CARRcrete PROseal is a highly advanced penetrating stain resistor for polished concrete flooring projects. Being water based PROseal is easy and convenient to work with on both small and large projects which require a level of finish superior to that offered by even the highest quality acrylic guard coats.

The initial coats of this sealer soak into the surface of the concrete, coating the pores to increase the surface tension and thus providing useful stain resistance and reaction time.

Subsequent coats can be used as a micro guard for extra protection. PROseal applies much thinner than a standard guard product and can be diamond burnished to a high gloss, high clarity finish without any of the plastic eggshell look associated with acrylic guard products.

For best results

  • Ensure concrete surface is mechanically diamond polished
  • Surface has been thoroughly cleaned
  • Surface is completely dry
  • Allow at least 4 hours between coats (to prevent dissolving previous coats)

How to apply PROseal

  • Apply in thin coats with a microfibre applicator or paint pad
  • DO NOT spray
  • Diamond burnish between coats (after at least 4 hours)
  • Continue to build coats and burnish as required

Product Benefits

  • Water based, low odour formula
  • Designed for mechanically polished concrete
  • Penetrates the surface
  • Increases gloss when buffed/burnished
  • Increases stain resistance
  • Higher clarity finish