MicroSeal Microcement Pre-Sealer

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CARRcrete MicroSeal is an easy to apply water based enhanced acrylic  pre-sealer for microconcrete and microcement applications.

MicroSeal is a penetrating formulation that soaks into the microcement or microconcrete and seals from the inside out, adding very little additional colour to the original installation.

MicroSeal needs to be applied before our MicroGuard to prevent the resin formulation of MicroGuard affecting the polymers within the microcement application.

MicroSeal effectively penetrates and seals the microconcrete or microcement surface, leaving a very fine coating. The advanced formulation not only seals but also hardens the thin overlay and prevents solvent damage from subsequent sealers.

**MicroSeal must be burnished with a red or hogs hair pad between coats. It is a very effective sealer that may reject subsequent coats without this step to reduce the surface tension**

For internal use on dry, cured floors. 

  • Easy to use, apply by roller
  • Adds extra protection to microconcrete and microcement
  • Adds colour and satin level of gloss
  • Easily maintained with PROcare and burnishing
  • 5 Litres will yield up to 100m2**

Available in 1 and 5 Litre containers.

PROtip: Multiple thin coats always produces a far superior finish than thick coats. Always burnish between coats.

** Dependent on thickness of application and porosity of the floor.