MicroGuard Microcement Sealer

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MicroGuard is a water based resin sealer that provides much needed stain and abrasion resistance to MicroConcrete and Microcement overlays. MicroGuard is low odour and easy to apply with a microfibre applicator, highly suitable for both large and small installations.

MicroGuard should be applied over at least two coats of our MicroSeal product to ensure the polyurethane solvents do not affect the polymers used in your micro cement overlay.

MicroGuard coats the pores and fine particles to further enhance the surface sealing over that provided by MicroSeal. Subsequent coats enhance the levels of protection, colours are only subtly enhanced so there is not a major change in the overlays colours.

MicroGuard is suitable for all levels of traffic and for most applications (not for wet rooms or areas to be immersed in water) where a stain resistant thin coating is required to protect the MicroConcrete or Micro Cement installation from water and oil based staining. Our sealer also allows for moisture vapour transmission through the overlay which helps prevent problems with delamination.


Product Benefits

  • Water based solvent, low odour formula
  • Low sheen, satin or gloss finishes available
  • Gloss finish with burnishing
  • Stain and abrasion resistance
  • Easy to apply with a microfibre applicator (roller and brush as an alternative)
  • Does not enhance colour too much
  • Seals from inside out


Application Guidlines

  • Ensure the overlay is clean and dry before application
  • Apply a thin coat of MicroGuard with a microfibre roller
  • Allow at least 4 hours before recoating
  • Gloss levels maybe enhanced with burnishing after 24 hours



  • Multiple thin coats are better than thick coats
  • Allow at least 24 hours before general foot traffic
  • Allow at least 48 hours before getting wet/cleaning


Product Details

  • 5 Litre container
  • Coverage upto 100m2 per coat**
  • Drying time: 2-4 hours approx*
  • Re-coat time: 4-8 hours approx*
  • Burnish time: 24 hours*
  • Full cure time: 48 hours*
  • General foot traffic: 24 hours*


* Dependant on ambient temperature, air flow and moisture levels

** Dependant on film thickness applied and porosity of the overlay