PROpatch - Rapid Patch Repair

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PROpatch is a rapid setting, rapid hardening patch repair product for concrete floors. It contains a very rapid setting cement binder that is semi-flexible and semi-pourable.

This is a very advanced patch repair product that contains in integral polymer to bind into substrates, self curing, increased chemical resistance, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties and maybe coloured with pigments to help colour matching.

PROpatch contains larger particles of quartz sand to provide a very robust and strong repair to any damaged areas. Simply mix with water and apply to the area, allow to harden thoroughly and grind smooth.

Additional aggregate maybe added to increase the products ability to fill much larger holes. For very large holes, mix PROpatch 1:1 with 10mm gravel or similar.

 **Product is based on an uncoloured white cement binder, you can colour this product with our pigment products

Product Benefits

  • Fills larger holes and damage in concrete floor projects
  • Activated by water, no need for additional polymer
  • Semi-pourable for easy filling of damage
  • Strengthens concrete surface
  • Improves stain resistance
  • Improves overall gloss
  • Improves clarity of reflection
  • Simply mix and pour into place, allow to harden and grind smooth 
  • Can be coloured with pigment products


How To Apply With Steel Trowel

  • Ensure the floor is well cleaned and dust vacuumed
  • Prime damaged areas with an acrylic primer, allow to dry
  • Mix PROpatch with water as per label instructions
  • Push mixed product into the damage areas and allow to settle
  • Large holes can be filled with a 1:1 mix of PROpath and 10mm aggregate
  • Allow patched area to harden before grinding smooth
  • Apply PROhard densifier for extra strength and reduced porosity